iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch

To get MP3 Tracks onto your iPhone or iPad is not as simple as it should be. Apple do not permit songs purchased and downloaded from the internet to be put directly into the Music library. This is an Apple restriction not a WorshipTrax one! The only exception is (unsurprisingly) songs purchased through Apple's own iTunes store.

To get MP3s onto your iPhone/iPad you must download them ON A DESKTOP or LAPTOP PC/MAC, put them in iTunes, and then Sync them across.

What if you have no PC or Mac? There are workarounds in the shape of media manager Apps such as MyMedia. These allow you to download, store, play, create playlists for any MP3 track, from within the App. The DropBox App also allows you to play MP3 media kept in your DropBox storage.

For MIDI files there are iOS MIDI Apps in the App store. One example is MIDI Player - which we like as it handles tempo well. It sounds much better with the Premium Sound in-App optional purchase.

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